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The Peloton

The Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) is a charity with one purpose – reducing the incidence of death and serious injury of bike riders.


The Foundation is funded by the generosity of individuals, community and organisation donations. We receive no ongoing government funding.


The Peloton symbolises special supporters of the Foundation who are like a peloton, moving forward, together, cohesively and with a clear goal in mind.


The Peloton is open to individuals and groups who are dedicated supporters sharing AGF’s vision of zero bike rider fatalities in Australia. It is through regular ongoing donations that these people who demonstrate their commitment to assist the Foundation to be able to improve conditions, attitudes, awareness, and gain personal satisfaction from making a difference towards a safer cycling environment

Each supporter is valued in terms of the categories familiar to international Grand Tours. The greater the donation, the greater the associated recognition of effort and contribution. The Peloton supporters can chose to pledge an annual donation of one of the following levels:


$250 : Espoirs

$1,000 : KOM

$500 : Sprint

$1,000+ : GC


As with any long journey, we all need support and inspiration along the way. In keeping the theme of Grand Tours, The Peloton supporters will receive a musette containing loads of goodies as a small gesture of thanks for their generous support provided to the AGF.

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Get started by reading How to Join and then sign up online and choose the regular giving interval that best suits you.


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